David F. Levi, Amelia Thorn named to NC task force on trauma-informed courts

May 26, 2021Latest News, Trauma-Informed Courts

Headshots of both David Levi and Amelia Thorn

David F. Levi, director of the Bolch Judicial Institute, and Amelia Ashton Thorn, assistant director for special projects, were named by North Carolina Chief Justice Paul Newby to a new task force to help courts better understand the impact of adverse childhood experiences and adverse community environments (abbreviated “ACEs”).

“I’m pleased to announce I am establishing the Task Force on ACEs-Informed Courts,” said Chief Justice Newby in a news release on May 18. “These traumas increase the likelihood that these children will end up in the courtroom. I look forward to the positive outcomes this group will produce for our children and our communities.”

Visit the Task Force’s website to learn more about the program. To learn more about trauma-informed courts programs sponsored by the Bolch Judicial Institute and to subscribe to updates, visit our trauma-informed courts webpage.