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The Bolch Judicial Institute offers several platforms for scholars, judges, and practitioners to exchange ideas for advancing the rule of law and improving justice systems around the world. Our flagship publication, Judicature, is a scholarly journal published three times a year for nearly 6,000 U.S. federal and state judges. Listed below are our current publications. For more information, contact us at

Current Publications


Judicature is a scholarly journal focused on the judiciary, the administration of justice, and the rule of law. Its mission is to create a forum for judges, practitioners, and academics to share scholarship, best practices, perspectives, and opinions. Past authors include Justice Stephen Breyer, Professor Michael Dorf, Professor Erwin Chemerinsky, and Jay Bilas. Read the latest edition at

Law & Contemporary Problems (Select Issues)

The Bolch Judicial Institute has directly supported the publication of two editions of Duke Law School’s Law & Contemporary Problems, a quarterly, interdisciplinary, faculty-edited publication. L&CP uses a symposium format, generally publishing one symposium per issue on a topic of contemporary concern.

Scholarship & Articles Repository

Duke Law School maintains a repository for scholarly articles, reports, and essays published by the Bolch Judicial Institute at Guidelines and Best Practices documents on a variety of topics, including class actions, discovery, and mass-tort MDLs, can be also be accessed in the repository.

Judicial Studies Thesis Repository

Theses submitted by students enrolled in the Master of Judicial Studies program are collected and made accessible through the Duke Law Scholarship Repository, available at