Scholarly conference examines new research on judicial administration and processes

Jan 7, 2020Latest News

Legal scholars gathered at Duke Law to discuss judicial administration and judicial processes during a roundtable conference on Thursday, Dec. 12. Organized by Duke Law Professor Marin Levy (pictured above) and sponsored by the Bolch Judicial Institute, the conference brought together some of the nation’s foremost scholars of judicial administration to discuss their works-in-progress on important questions of court design, procedure, and judicial decision-making.

“It is so exciting to have top scholars from different fields — civil procedure, constitutional law, federal courts, and criminal law — come together to talk about critical aspects of court administration and decision-making. Having such thoughtful academics bringing different perspectives made for an invaluable discussion,” said Levy, who, in addition to convening the roundtable, presented a paper entitled The Power of the Chief about the role of the federal appellate Chief Judge.

Other presentations addressed topics such as Arbitral Courts, examining the development of new courts that mimic arbitration; Serial Cert at the Supreme Court, about “repeaters,” or merits cases that have been granted certiorari more than once by the U.S. Supreme Court, and Curating Unpublished Decisions in the U.S. Courts of Appeals about Federal Rule of Appellate Procedure 32.1 and the significant barriers that still remain to access unpublished decisions in the federal appellate courts.

Following is a list of participants. For more information, visit the conference web page.

Will Baude (University of Chicago Law School)
Stuart Benjamin (Duke Law School)
Pamela Bookman (Fordham University School of Law)
Sam Bray (Notre Dame Law School)
Josh Chafetz (Cornell Law School)
Andrew Crespo (Harvard Law School)
Josh Fischman (University of Virginia School of Law)
David Fontana (George Washington University School of Law)
Maggie Gardner (Cornell Law School)
Tracey George (Vanderbilt University)
Tara Grove (William & Mary Law School)
Bert Huang (Columbia Law School)
Jack Knight (Duke Law School)
Alli Larsen (William & Mary Law School)
Maggie Lemos (Duke Law School)
David F. Levi (Bolch Judicial Institute | Duke Law School)
Marin Levy (Duke Law School)
Leah Litman (University of Michigan Law School)
Merritt McAlister (Levin College of Law)
Katherine Mims Crocker (William & Mary Law School)
Tejas Narechania (UC Berkeley School of Law)
Ryan Park (Deputy Solicitor General of North Carolina)
Richard Re (UCLA School of Law)
Stephen Sachs (Duke Law School)
Steve Vladeck (University of Texas Law School)
Albert Yoon (University of Toronto)