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Bolch Judicial Institute
Bolch Judicial Institute

Bettering the human condition by studying and promoting the rule of law

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About the Bolch Institute

The Bolch Judicial Institute studies and advances rule-of-law principles, judicial independence, and law reform through technology and innovation. We provide unique educational opportunities for sitting judges in the United States and around the globe; conduct research and support teaching and scholarship; and develop civic education initiatives to advance our mission.

Areas of Focus

Rule of Law

Rule of Law

The rule of law and a strong legal system are the foundation of healthy, prosperous societies. The Bolch Judicial Institute studies how the rule of law is achieved, measured, and preserved in the United States and around the world. Through the annual Bolch Prize, the Institute recognizes individuals and organizations who work to sustain the rule of law.

The Judiciary

The Judiciary

To protect the rule of law, societies need a strong and independent judiciary. The Bolch Judicial Institute studies judges and judicial institutions, develops judicial training and educational programs, and advances law reforms that strengthen and improve the administration of justice.

Law & Technology

Law & Technology

Technology can help make the judiciary and the legal profession more accessible, efficient, effective, and fair. The Bolch Judicial Institute fosters programs and scholarship that improve the law through technology and educate the judiciary and legal profession on the promise and challenges of technology in the law.

Our Programs

Master of Judicial Studies

The nation's only elite post-graduate degree program for federal, state, and foreign judges.

The Bolch Prize

The Bolch Prize honors individuals or entities who have distinguished themselves in the preservation or advancement of the rule of law.


A scholarly journal that explores all aspects of the administration of justice, the judiciary, and the rule of law.


Practitioners, scholars, and jurists join forces to study issues, discuss ideas and develop best practices for improving the administration of justice.


The nation’s premier judicial education conference for appellate judges, staff attorneys, and practitioners.


A member-driven organization that develops practical resources to improve e-discovery and information governance.


Support Our Mission


The Bolch Judicial Institute was established with a generous gift from Carl Bolch Jr. and Susan Bass Bolch. Many other individuals and organizations provide critical support for our programs.


We publish Judicature, a quarterly scholarly journal about judging; a monthly newsletter with news and events from the Institute; best practices, guidelines, and scholarship; and more.


Join us! We host conferences, educational programs, and more, online, at Duke Law School, and around the country.