Duke Law and EDI to partner on advanced e-discovery curriculum

Nov 30, 2017Latest News

Bolch Judicial Institute | Duke Law School

Durham, NC – Duke Law and the Electronic Discovery Institute (EDI) are pleased to announce a partnership to produce an advanced online distance learning program on e-discovery topics.

The partnership between EDI and Duke Law supports the core educational missions of both organizations. Designed for legal and other professionals seeking deep mastery of eDiscovery strategy and best practices in litigation, the program offers a Duke Law “Advanced eDiscovery” certificate for successful completion of ten online courses and participation in an on-site workshop.

The Program

The program expands on the foundation created by EDI’s groundbreaking Distance Learning Initiative in 2017. Enrolled registrants will first take a core set of courses offered by the EDI Distance Learning Initiative as a prerequisite to introduce them to the basic principles of e-discovery practice.

Then, in ten new online courses jointly produced by Duke Law and EDI, registrants will learn advanced defendant and plaintiff litigation strategy and practices. At the culmination of the ten-module program, course participants will convene with instructors in a workshop at Duke Law School in Durham, N.C., for a deep-dive into the practical challenges faced by today’s practitioners.

With a release date in 2018, EDI and Duke Law have already begun to develop the curriculum for this program. Courses will be taught by prominent law school faculty, leading eDiscovery practitioners, and industry thought-leaders.

Volunteers needed

Duke Law and EDI are seeking volunteers from our diverse communities to serve as content contributors and to assist in shaping the program. Please sign up here to volunteer to help, and we will contact you to discuss your potential involvement.