Bolch Judicial Institute
Bolch Judicial Institute
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Thursday, June 20, 2019

7:45 a – 8:30 a Continental Breakfast and Sign-In (Regency AB – Ballroom Level)
8:30 a – 8:45 a Welcome and Introductory Remarks
8:45 a – 9:45 a PANEL 1: Reports from Three Special-Focus, Bench-Bar Group Meetings on Effects of 2015 Rule Amendments; Closed-Case Surveys Based on 2009 FJC Discovery Cost Survey; Data on Discovery Costs (Steve Gensler, Linda Simard, and Brian Ray — Martin Redish, Moderator)
9:45 a – 10:45 a PANEL 2:  Results of National Bar Organizations’ and Exterro/EDRM Judicial Surveys (Gene Vance, Jennie Anderson, Malini Moorthy, and George Socha — Thomas Main, Moderator)
10:45 a – 11:00 a Break
11:00 a – 12:15 p PANEL 3: Evaluating Specific Amendment Provisions: Lawyer Cooperation, Pre-Motion Conferences, Live Rule 16 conferences, Early Rule 34 Production Requests, and Narrowing Initial Discovery Requests (Judge Paul Grimm, Judge George Hanks, Joshua Friedman, and Laurence Pulgram — Martin Redish, Moderator)
12:15 p – 1:30 p Lunch (Chesapeake View – Rooftop Level)
1:30 p – 3:00 p PANEL 4: Evaluating Specific Amendment Provisions: Whose Burden to Show Proportionality, Evid. R. 502(d) Orders, Cost-Shifting Orders, Specifying Grounds for Objections to Discovery Requests, Withholding Information, Specifying Time for Production, and Use of TAR (Judge Robert Dow, Judge David Lawson, Robert Levy, and Jeannine Kenney — Thomas Main, Moderator)
3:00 p – 3:15 p Break
3:15 p – 4:30 p PANEL 5: Proportionality at the Extremes – Applying Proportionality to Large, Complex Cases Involving Massive Volume of Documents, e.g., Mass-Tort MDLs, and Routine Cases Involving Modest Volume of Documents, e.g., Contract Cases (Judge Susan Illston, Judge Pamela Sargent, Jennifer Scullion, and John Rosenthal — Martin Redish, Moderator)
4:45 p – 6:15 p Reception (Chesapeake View – Rooftop Level)

Friday, June 21, 2019

7:45 a – 8:30 a Continental Breakfast (Regency AB – Ballroom Level)
8:30 a –10:00 a PANEL 6: Have Amendments Facilitated or Impeded Use of Technology to Address Discovery Burdens? Should Amendments’ Neutral Position on Use of Technology be Strengthened, e.g., rebuttable presumption to use machine-learning technology in heavy volume, text-laden discovery (Judge Michael Baylson, Judge Iain Johnston, Kimberly Justice, and Ben Barnett — Thomas Main, Moderator)
10:00 a – 10:15 a Break
10:15 a – 11:45 a PANEL 7: Promoting Active Judicial Case-Management: Death Knell or Do We Double Down; Do We Promote Alternative Strategies, Including Promoting Greater Judicial Enforcement of Violations? (Judge Thomas Hardiman, Chief Judge Lee Rosenthal, Patrick Oot, Beth Kaufman and Kristen Johnson — Martin Redish, Moderator)
11:45 a – 12:15 p Grab-and-Go Snacks