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How to submit an article to Judicature

Judicature is a forum for judges, practitioners, and scholars to discuss and explore ideas, research, opinion and trends that affect the judiciary and the legal profession. We welcome submissions from judges, scholars, practitioners, students, and others who have expertise in relevant subject areas.

Judicature explores all aspects of the administration of justice and its improvement. We publish articles based on empirical research as well as articles based on fact and opinion from members of the bench, the bar, and the academy. We particularly encourage articles on emerging legal issues, case management techniques, and matters pertaining to the daily work of judges. Submissions may relate to any aspect of the administration of justice in both civil and criminal cases and judicial reform, at both the state and federal levels. We also publish selected judicial honors and other short news items of interest to judges.

Following are descriptions of the regularly featured articles and departments for which we accept submissions. Please send all submissions and questions to See our Author’s Instructions page for more details on the review process, formatting rules, and style notes.

Feature Articles

These are substantive, scholarly articles of 3,500-6,000 words. They may be fact or opinion based.  A reasonable number of endnotes, 20-30 per feature article, is appropriate. Typically, we will not publish articles containing multiple charts and long statistical tables. Links or other references to outside sources containing such information is often adequate. We look for crisp, clear, concise writing that is engaging and thought-provoking. Feature submissions are peer reviewed.

Book Review

Book reviews should examine a recent publication of interest to judges. It can be a scholarly or mainstream book as long as it addresses a topic that is relevant to the judiciary. Reviews should be 3,500 words or less. Book reviews are peer reviewed.


Cited provides short summaries of new books of interest to judges. Authors or publishers may submit book summaries for consideration. Summaries should include the author’s name, a brief author bio, the publication title, date, and ISBN number, the publisher, a link to purchase the book online, a short summary of the book’s contents. A brief quote of review may also be included. Total word count should not exceed 300. Please provide a high-resolution image of the book cover from the publisher. Submissions for Cited are reviewed by the editor in chief and the administrative staff.

The Storied Third Branch

Please see submission guidelines. Submissions for The Storied Third Branch are reviewed by the editor in chief and the administrative staff.

Case Law Note

We aim to publish brief analyses of recent cases in each edition. Submissions should be no more than 750 words and should clearly explain the decision and its impact.  Case Law Notes are reviewed by the editor in chief and the administrative staff.

News and Briefs

We include a section of short news items in each edition. Research, surveys, new policies and procedures, law reform efforts, tips for best practices in the courtroom, news about new technologies, and other items of broad interest to judges may be included in this section. You may submit either a short article (300-500 words) for publication in this section or a topic for our staff to consider. News and brief items are reviewed by the editor in chief and the administrative staff.

Judicial Honors

We publish a selection of significant, timely judicial honors in each publication, space permitting. If you wish to submit a judicial honor to be considered for publication, email all relevant details and a high-resolution photo of the honoree to Judicial honors are reviewed by the editor in chief and the administrative staff.

Letters to the Editor

We encourage general comments on our publication and specific responses to the content. Email your letter, including your full name and title, with Attn: Editor in the subject line, to Letters to the editor are reviewed by the editor in chief and the administrative staff.