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Welcome to Judicature, The Scholarly Journal for Judges.

Fall/Winter 2018 Judicature cover image

Judicature is published three times per year by the Bolch Judicial Institute of Duke Law. The journal contains articles by judges, scholars, and practitioners about topics such as law reform, emerging legal issues, case-management techniques, and other matters that pertain to the daily work of a judge. We also publish empirical research that informs our understanding of the judiciary. Our editorial board is composed of judges who are students in the Duke Law Master’s of Judicial Studies program; editors are listed by name in the journal and on each edition’s contents page on our website.

Judicature is mailed free of charge to all Article III judges, federal magistrate judges, and state supreme court judges; our subscribers include federal and state judges, lawyers, scholars, students, and others who are interested in learning about the judiciary. Our goal is to create a forum for judges, practitioners, and academics to share ideas, best practices, perspectives, and opinions, and in doing so provide insight into the issues and ideas that are shaping the judiciary and the administration of justice.

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