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Judicature Volume 103 Number 1 (Spring 2019)

Volume 103 Number 1 : Spring 2019

Table of Contents (PDF) | Spring 2019 Articles

  • 51 Imperfect Solutions: State and Federal Judges Consider the Role of State Constitutions in Rights Innovation (David F. Levi, Allison Eid, Joan Larsen, Goodwin Liu, Jeffrey Sutton)
  • The Emergence of the American Constitutional Law Tradition (H. Jefferson Powell)
  • Can Federal Sentencing Remain Transparent? (D. Brock Hornby)
  • State Judicial Selection: Reforms to Promote a Fair and Independent Judiciary (Alicia Bannon)
Judicature Volume 102 Number 3 (Fall/Winter 2018)

Volume 102 Number 3 : Fall/Winter 2018

Table of Contents (PDF) | Fall/Winter 2018 Articles

  • Crowdsourcing and Data Analytics: The New Settlement Tools? (Bernard Chao, Christopher Robertson & David Yokum)
  • Judges and Stress: An Examination of Outcomes Predicted by the Model of Judicial Stress (Monica K. Miller, Charles P. Edwards,
    Jenny Reichert & Brian H. Bernstein)
  • Do Campaign Contributions Create Public Perceptions of Judicial Bias? (Thomas E. McClure )
  • Clerking to Excess: The Case Against Multiple Clerkships (Gregg Costa)
Judicature Volume 102 Number 2 (Summer 2018)

Volume 102 Number 2 : Summer 2018

Table of Contents (PDF) | Summer 2018 Articles

  • Rights That Made the World Right: Federal Courts and the Fourteenth Amendment (Laura F. Edwards)
  • Change Agents: Looking to State Constitutions for Rights Innovations (Jeffrey S. Sutton; introduction by Sarah Hawkins Warren)
  • Reentry Philosophies, Approaches, and Challenges (Marvin L. Astrada; introduction by Timothy D. DeGiusti)
  • Reflections on a Reentry Court (Jeffrey Alker Meyer & Carly Levenson)
Judicature Volume 102 Number 1 (Spring 2018)

Volume 102 Number 1 : Spring 2018

Table of Contents (PDF) | Spring 2018 Articles

  • Changing Perspectives on Forensic Science, and What Judges Need to Know (Brandon L. Garrett, William C. Thompson, Joelle Vuille, Franco Taroni, Alex Biedermann, Jonathan J. Koehler, and J.H. Pate Skene)
  • JHEALTH: How the Tenth Circuit is Improving the Health and Performance of Federal Judges (Marcia S. Krieger, Michael H. Gendel, and Timothy D. Degiusti)
  • Decoding GDPR (the EDRM GDPR Project Team)
  • Introducing the Bolch Judicial Institute
Judicature Volume 101 Number 4 (Winter 2017)

Volume 101 Number 4 : Winter 2017

Table of Contents (PDF) | Winter 2017 Articles

  • Equal Opportunity? Increasing Diversity in Complex Litigation Leadership by Michael Baylson and Cecily Harris
  • The Changing Science on Memory and Witness Demeanor – and What it Means for Trial Judges by Mark Bennett
  • To Tweet or Not to Tweet? by Douglas Nazarian and Barbara Berenson
Judicature Volume 101 Number 3 (Autumn 2017)

Volume 101 Number 3 : Autumn 2017

Table of Contents (PDF) | Autumn 2017 Articles

  • Bold and Persistent Reform: The 2015 Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the 2017 Pilot Projects, by Jeffrey Sutton and Derek Webb
  • Whether, When, and What to Write: Federal Judges and Opinion Writing, An Imagined Conversation by D. Brock Hornby
  • Roundtable: A Discussion on the State of the Judiciary, by David Levi, Margaret Lemos, Jeff Powell, Ernest Young, Carolyn Kuhl and Don Willett
  • What Will AI Mean for You? by George Socha
Judicature Volume 101, Number 2 (Summer 2017)

Volume 101, Number 2 : Summer 2017

Table of Contents (PDF) | Summer 2017 Articles

  • Can Science Save Justice? by Adam Benforado
  • Criticism of the Judiciary: The Virtue of Moderation by Geert Corstens
  • Amended Rule 37(e) by Thomas Allman
  • Into the Thicket: What’s Next in Election Litigation by Bradley A. Smith
Judicature Volume 101, No. 1 (Spring 2017)

Volume 101, No. 1 : Spring 2017

Table of Contents (PDF) | Spring 2017 Articles

  • State Chief Justices Call for Action to Achieve Access to Justice for All
  • Why We Read the Scalia Opinion First
  • #Engage: It’s Time for Judges to Tweet, Like, and Share
Judicature Volume 100, No. 4 (Winter 2016)

Volume 100, No. 4 : Winter 2016

Table of Contents (PDF) | Winter 2016 Articles

  • Revised Guidelines and Practices for Implementing the 2015 Discovery Amendments to Achieve Proportionality
  • How Two New ESI Rules Will Save You Time and Money
  • Money or Justice? A Roundtable Discussion on Fees and Fines in the Courts
Judicature Volume 100, No. 3 (Autumn 2016)

Volume 100, No. 3 : Autumn 2016

Table of Contents (PDF) | Autumn 2016 Articles

  • Who appointed me God? Reflections of a judge on criminal sentencing
  • Federal judges and public attention
  • The fluidity of judicial coalitions
Judicature Volume 100, No. 2 (Summer 2016)

Volume 100, No. 2 : Summer 2016

Table of Contents (PDF) | Summer 2016 Articles

  • Judicial oversight of covert action in the United States and United Kingdom
  • Why are state judges among us?
  • Developing civil procedure rules for European courts
Judicature Volume 100, No. 1 (Spring 2016)

Volume 100, No. 1 : Spring 2016

Table of Contents (PDF) | Spring 2016 Articles

  • The surprising impact of Citizens United on judicial campaigns
  • Judge Jon O. Newman on why easing mandatory minimums is not enough
  • The decline in federal civil trials (an imagined conversation)
Judicature Volume 99, No. 3 (Winter 2015)

Volume 99, No. 3 : Winter 2015

Table of Contents (PDF) | Winter 2015 Articles

  • Special Report – Fixing Discovery: Are we there yet?
  • Chief Judge Diane Wood’s further thoughts on specialized courts
  • How federal judges contribute to mass incarceration and what they can do about it
Judicature Volume 99, No. 2 (Autumn 2015)

Volume 99, No. 2 : Autumn 2015

Table of Contents (PDF) | Autumn 2015 Articles

  • Patrick Higginbotham, Thomas Metzloff, and others contribute to a special report on the state of mass-tort multidistrict litigation
  • Gregory Joseph’s primer on authenticating electronic evidence
  • Concealed cameras in the U.S. Supreme Court
Judicature Volume 99, No. 1 (Summer 2015)

Volume 99, No. 1 : Summer 2015

Table of Contents (PDF) | Summer 2015 Articles

  • Alex Kozinski makes the case for cameras in the courtroom
  • David F. Levi talks with chief judges about the grand challenges facing the legal profession
  • Richard Marcus examines proposed Rule 23 reforms