Dir. Paul W. Grimm calls on bar associations to coordinate response against judicial threats (Law.com)

Jan 10, 2024Latest News

Judge Paul W. Grimm

In an article published on Jan. 9, 2024, on Law.com, Director Paul W. Grimm called on bar associations to organize swift and coordinated responses against unfair attacks on the judiciary and judges.

“It is disappointing to me that the organized bars, who are most aware of the importance of public confidence in the judicial system for them to practice law on behalf of their clients, have been so passive on this important topic,” said Grimm. “They have been passive instead of muscular in their response.”

Grimm said that he is interested in reaching out to the presidents of all the major bar associations to see if there is interest in having a conference or symposium on mounting a coordinated effort to respond to attacks against the judiciary in a timely, informative and respectful way.

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