Levi moderates discussion on new Principles of Electoral Count Act Reform

May 16, 2022Latest News

Portrait of David F. Levi

In a new episode of the American Law Institute’s Reasonably Speaking podcast, David F. Levi, director of the Bolch Judicial Institute and president of the American Law Institute, moderated a discussion on reforming the Electoral Count Act (ECA).

Levi spoke with Professor Bob Bauer of NYU School of Law and Professor Jack Goldsmith of Harvard Law School — experts on election law from different political backgrounds — about their recent bipartisan work to develop core guidelines and specific principles to govern ECA reform ahead of the 2024 election. Bauer and Goldsmith served as co-chairs of the group that wrote the bipartisan consensus document Principles for ECA Reform (PDF; published April 2022).

“It’s quite a marvelous piece of work,” Levi said on the podcast. “It could have been 500 pages, but instead, it’s five and it covers just a huge amount of territory.”

More information about the Principles for ECA Reform project, including the complete document, transcript, episode notes, and speaker biographies, can be found on the American Law Institute’s website.