“All of us can play some part in protecting and defending our Constitution.”

Jan 7, 2021Latest News

In a January 7 statement to members of The American Law Institute, David F. Levi — president of ALI and director of the Bolch Judicial Institute at Duke Law — condemned recent events at the United States Capitol.

Statement from ALI President David F. Levi

Because we are first and foremost a rule of law organization, the appalling violence yesterday in Washington, D.C., causes us deep shock and dismay. The effort to disrupt and upend the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to another should receive our strongest condemnation.

All of us can play some part in protecting and defending our Constitution. While we may have different views on what the country needs, members of the ALI must be united in a commitment to democratic and constitutional processes, equal justice under law, and a sense of decency that must lie at the heart of any justice system worthy of the name.

I send best wishes to each of you, with fervent hopes for a better 2021 for our country and for all of us.


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